Lamination Aftercare Rituals

for luscious + healthy brows


For the first 24 hours, your lamination is still setting. Follow these instructions to avoid deactivating your lamination solution.

First 24 Hours



Wipe brows gently with a dry, clean cotton round. Be sure to wipe in the direction of your lamination. 


Do not cleanse or get the brows wet for 24 hours — it will deactivate your lamination solution. 

Avoid touching the brows.

Do not use any anti-aging products near your bows (face washes, serums, moisturizers. i.e…retinol, mandelic, glycolic). 


Use a clean cotton swab to emulsify the healing balm and scoop up a rice grain amount.

Apply Miel balm in the same direction as your laminated brow hairs.

Gengly style with a clean mascara wand or brow brush.

Reapply the balm, as needed, to keep the brows hydrated.

WEEK 1 - 6

By day 2, your lamination is set. However, the way you care for your laminated brows, dynamically impacts how long your lamination will last. Be gentle with your laminated brows; keep them healthy and strong for a long lasting lamination.

WEEK 1-6



Gently cleanse your face.

Do not scrub brows when washing your face because it can cause hair loss/breakage.  


Avoid anti-aging products as they can dull the lamination or shorten the life of your lamination.

Avoid thick cosmetic gels that are hard to clean off your brows.


Keep your brows hydrated with the balm. 

AM + PM daily application is recommended for brow nourishment + protection.