Aftercare Healing Instructions

Healing Time

2 Days

First 24 hours

  • No water!
  • Do not cleanse, or get the brows wet, for the first 24 hours after your appointment.
  • Be careful not to disrupt the development of your lamination solution. 


  • After 24 hours, you may wash your brows with cool water or mild cleanser.
  • No scrubbing! Be gentle.
  • Cleanse in the same direction as your brow hairs to reduce hair loss and breakage.


  • Pat dry with a clean face towel.
  • No rubbing back and forth!
  • You may comb brow hair with a clean spooly brush to style and remove moisture.


  • Gently brush and style brows into desired direction.
  • Lightly apply a rice-grain amount of Healing Balm.
  • You can apply brow products and make up daily, if desired.
  • Remember to be gentle when cleansing and styling.


  • Avoid using facial cleansers with anti-aging ingredients (especially around your brows).
  • These products will dull or shorten your lamination service.