PMU Brows

Aftercare Healing Instructions

Healing Time

14 Days


  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
  • Gently cleanse your brows with Healing Cleanser and cool water.
  • Wash your brows in one direction.
  • Remove lymph drainage and Healing Balm.
  • Pat dry with a clean cotton round or non-woven gauze.


  • Lightly apply Healing Balm throughout your day to keep brows hydrated.
  • Flaking is normal, SCABBING IS NOT.
  • If you feel any itchiness, tight skin or discomfort, apply more Healing Balm.
  • For best results, continue re-applying the balm throughout your day for 14 days.


  • Avoid extended and direct sun exposure, sweating, pools, hot tubs, lakes, salt water, hot showers and touching your freshly treated area.
  • Be very careful not to reopen the wound or pull pigment.
  • Avoid any facial treatments or home use of anti-aging products for up to 30 days. The use of these products will alter your results!